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be wise, be truthful, strain the wine, and scale back your long hopes to a short period. While we speak, envious time will have already fled: seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the next day – Odes 1:11


Building new generation infrastructure for Africa

About Us

FNI; Committed to building New Generation Infrastructure for Africa. 

FNI is a market leader in the African Fibre Optic Industry. Employing FNI as your Fibre Optic and Telecommunication Project Managers you are guaranteed that the Best practices for your Civil work in Fibre optic telecommunication is employed. The FNI Project Management Team will take your Fibre Optic Projects from Survey through Way Leave applications to Planning and costing your fibre optic route ensuring a Full Turnkey Fibre Optic Solution. 

Making use of Trenchless Technology as well as Mechanical Trenching your Fibre Optic Infrastructure will meet the Standards and Specifications of your Fibre Optic needs. Our Commitment to the Fibre Optic and Telecommunication Industry has always been: On Time, To Spec without waist and with joy. 

Do you need the Highest Quality Fibre Optic, Telecommunication and Civil works Project Management and Installation, Contact FNI Today for a Full Turnkey Fibre Optic Solution.


• The management team is made up of business entrepreneurs with extensive experience in:

  1. Full Turnkey - Civil Works and Project Management
  2. Direct Buried Fiber – Civil Works and Project Management
  3. Long Haul – Civil Works and Project Management
  4. Trenching and Duct Placement – Civil Works and  Project Management
  5. Fiber Optic Splicing / Floating –  Project Management
  6. Surveying, planning and Wayleave Management

Ray Strydom – Business Entrepreneur managing a first generation trenching company exposed to the irrigation industry and civil build sector prior to setting up FNI. Ray focuses on new opportunities and marketing.

Andre Strydom – Technical Advisor to the company. Operationally focussed, with 30 years’ experience. Director of Light Fibre Investments; building a backbone network line exceeding 450 kilometres.

Burgert Blom – Qualified as a CA (SA) and is driving the expansion of systems and introducing proper Corporate Governance Principals. Appointed as Director; Burgert was previously engaged in various consulting roles / business restructurings, FD of a listed company and gained most of his experience in the banking sector.

Leeveshni Moonsamy – SHEQ Manager - with 4 years H&S Experience (SAMTRAC).

Raymund Watson – Planning and Costing Manager

• “FNI” is part of the RayAnd group and a union of individuals with specialist skills and a network of suppliers and contractors within the civil and telecommunication industry.

• Fibrenet Infrastructure CC was created in October 2008. On the 30 May 2011 the name changed from FNI Telecommunication Infrastructure cc; to FNI Telecommunication Infrastructure PTY LTD and is owned by The RayAnd Trust.


To provide the telecommunications industry with:

  1. Professional
  2. Safe
  3. Quality production being an efficient fibre and civil specialist


We strive to build our business through our people, building our reputation!

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